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I teach you how to unleash growth through data.



Hi! I'm Dia Adams. For more than two decades I've been helping companies and government agencies build systems that successfully harness the complete power of their data. I'm a total nerd about all things data, so you don't have to be. I work hard to understand business goals inside and out, and align them to an enterprise data strategy that works best.



Enterprise Data Strategy

Craft a data strategy in line with your organizational goals. Provide accessible data for various use-cases, such as analytics, reporting, data science, and operations. Upgrades encompass both physical and digital systems, including cultural shifts. Receive a coherent, cross-departmental data strategy that gains buy-in from stakeholders, maximizing the value of your data transformation.



Manage the flow of data across your enterprise through well-implemented data architecture. Data architecture outlines data storage and management across the data lifecycle phases: collection, extraction, transformation, distribution, and consumption.Thoughtful architectural designs provide a user-friendly foundation for data processing, AI applications, and enables powerful cross-source analysis.



Establish data standards and compliance policies to safeguard your organization's data. Data security protocols protect against unauthorized access or corruption, preventing costly mishaps. Comprehensive standards cover data visualization, format, definition, structuring, tagging, transmission, manipulation, and use. These standards ensure the highest data integrity, efficient handling, and effective data presentation.



Transform data from various sources within and outside your organization, into actionable insights using visualization tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Draw on data visualization and software development expertise via custom-designed web-based interactive visualizations and data tools, constructed specifically for your needs. Use the power of impactful visualization to educate and persuade your audience in meaningful ways.



Accessing quality data is crucial for uncovering key insights. Well-designed data collection tools and processes, generate rich datasets tailored to your needs. Expertise includes topics like customer feedback, staffing, usage statistics, and economic conditions. Superior cleaning and wrangling of data, ensures an accurate foundation for all analyses, and delivery of reliable insights.


Project Management

Achieve strategic alignment and desired outcomes via my PMI and Agile certified project management. Teams are guided by my data background. Through effective collaboration within timelines and budgets, projects progress swiftly. Client communication occurs through check-ins, project reporting, and planning exercises, keeping you informed throughout the process.

“As our organization's first Chief Data Officer, partnering with Dia for data consulting proved exceptional. Her unmatched expertise crafted tailored data strategies, navigating from architecture to governance seamlessly. She stands out not only for her technical prowess but also for understanding our business intricacies. Her precise recommendations, aligned with our goals, and profoundly impacted our decision decision-making. I wholeheartedly recommend Dia to any organization seeking transformative data solutions.”

-Robert Davey (Chief Data Officer)



Thanks for reaching out!

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